Dress Code

At the Salt Spring Island Golf Club, our Dress Code goes like this. For golf, smart casual is all we ask and we are a soft spike facility. For the disc course, more casual attire is acceptable. For both courses, jeans are acceptable on the course and in the clubhouse. Tank tops, mid-riff or halter tops are not allowed for women; muscle shirts or tank tops are not allowed for men. For all players tee shirts with profane slogans or illustrations are not permitted. Shirts and proper footwear must always be worn. Any questions about acceptability of a garment should be directed to the Pro Shop Staff.

If you are looking for suggestions, try clothing that is stylish, loose-fitting and breathable. Since we are on an island and the edge of a rainforest, it is always good to have something waterproof on hand. In dress, deportment and attitude, we expect our members and guests to honor the game of golf and respect the golf course.